SoC Architect(s)

  • Experienced in complex IC architecture design, including large IP blocks such as CPU clusters, DSP cores, embedded memory blocks, etc.
  • Experience in hardware & software co-development
  • Fluent in system C, Verilog and/or VHDL and system performance profiling tools
  • Proven track record of complex IC development and delivery

Software Development Engineer(s)

Several open positions:

  • EDA design tool development engineers familiar with popular FPGA design IDE’s
  • ML algorithm development engineers familiar with one or more of the major AI platforms such as Tensorflow, Darknet, PyTorch, etc.
  • Required experience in successful delivery of industrial-strength software products

Embedded Software Development Engineer

  • Experience in developing high performance, real-time software applications in a mixed CPU – HW platforms
  • Good knowledge of system tradeoffs in terms of power/performance/resource requirements


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